The ninth installment of our acclaimed audio drama series’.

Deirdra Whelan
Dominic Brewer​
Emma Vane
Josh Cass
Katherine Rodden
Robert Donald
and Roberto Costa Bullita​​​


Theo Clarke (Double Portions)
Darren Lerigo (The Boys have Gone to War)
Jack Williams (The Bird Girl)


Henry Douthwaite & Gareth Brown


Andrew Thomson

Technical Assistants

Lauren Smart & Kristine Stacke

Technician: Andrew Thomson
Produced by: Philip Anderson-Dyer
Ass. Director: Ali Anderson-Dyer
Directed by: Alex Sutton

Audio Clips

Double Portions

War isn’t theory for Matthew anymore. He has realised that his granddads war doesn’t exist – and neither does the media. The only war that matters is his, and he doesn’t want to talk about it. This is a man in conflict, conflicted on what he has done and what he is asked to do. We listen to different strands of the story from Matthew, his Mum and Grandad. Which one will you agree with?

 The Boys Have Gone to War

May has a sudden flight to fame when one of her songs hits the top of the charts. She is reluctant to be a celebrity and is very mindful of why she wrote the song. Listen on and see how his lovely story pans out. Will she accept the fame, or will she shun it and return to being normal?

The Bird Girl

In a play where love is trying to break through, amidst a background of war and separation. Will love win through, or is he just after one thing?