The tenth of our acclaimed audio drama series’.


Andrew Nash
Anna Kirke ​
Glennon Anderson
Laura Crowhurst
Mark Oosterveen
Stephen Connery-Brown
Izzy Duff​


Bruce Shakespeare (Ghost Squadron)
Kester Blaze (I Am Camera)
Sam Mitschke (Say Something)
Lindsay MacLeod (The Pass)
Lee Ravitz (At the Fourth Minute)
Nathan Hughes (legend of John Mawhendry)


Martin Egglestone & Gareth Brown


Andrew Thomson

Technician: Lauren Smart
Ass. Producer: Ali Anderson-Dyer
Produced by: Philip Anderson-Dyer
Ass. Director: Ali Anderson-Dyer
Directed by: Samuel Miller

Ghost Squadron

Vera Lynn is blasting out over the landing strip, an aircraft makes a desperate landing, groans and screams from all around…But what will happen? This is a freaky little story that will have you looking for a pillow to hide behind.

I am Camera

Another normal day at college…or is it? We hear about the next photography project and wonder how a camera can be unsafe…Listen on to hear how this story unravels.

Say Something

The gang have gone camping in the woods. Why the woods…..nevermind! Will they all return from this discretely violent story, and more importantly will they keep their mouths shut?

The Pass

The two girls are on holiday in Scotland, and their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Will the seemingly friendly locals help them, or are they in real trouble?

At The Fourth Minute

This is another Lee Ravitz play, crammed deep with intrigue and suspense. In a beautifully poetic story we find out what actually happened to that little girl all those years ago.


The Legend of John Mawhendry

Two friends hear a loud thud as they drive around. There is something a bit eerie in the air. What will become of our two hapless characters? Listen on, but beware it doesn’t bite…