The fourth of our acclaimed audio drama series’.


Becky Wright
​David John Watton​
Glennon Anderson
Henry Douthwaite
Lizzie Conrad
Albert Clack


Katy Darby (A Girl and A Gun)
Lee Ravitz (Dash Dashing)
Paul McGuire (Finding Henry)
Cath Bore (Passed Glories)
Theo Clarke (Big Shakedown on Little Eddie)
Simon Temple (A Fresh Start)


Chris Barlow
Mark Canciani
Tom Sutton Roberts
u n y o u productions
Alan Thompson

Technician: Milan Adamik
Ass. Producer: Ali Anderson-Dyer
Produced by: Philip Anderson-Dyer
Directed by: Tamsin Astbury

Sound Clips

A Girl and A Gun

How do you make a movie when the film council won’t fund you and the script is terrible? Max is about to find out! He has found his leading lady but she has more than a little baggage and her friends want to play extras in their own unique way… Will the film win at the awards? Can Max really make a new film noir with Al at the helm? Will it even be completed or will is ‘Gun Shy’ destined for disaster?

Dash Dashing

Dr. Dashiell ‘Dash’ Dashing and associates try to foil the attempts of Brutus T. Croesus from taking over the world with a horrendous new weapon. With humour and near misses they uncover his dastardly plot, but will they stop him in time?…


Finding Henry

Henry is alone. Left to his own devices with only the voices in his head for company. Will his wife and daughter get to him in time and will he stop the cyle of abuse that started 20 years ago? He is disturbed and wishes things were different….but they’re not and there isn’t much time to find Henry.


Passed Glories

​Gloria Langford is a tragic figure; now in her 80s, in her youth she was a big movie star – the sex symbol of a great era. Now she is all but forgotten but for movie buffs…and many private detectives.

Big Shakedown on Little Eddie

A sandwich has been eaten and the authorities, aka Mum and Dad, think that 14 year old ‘Little Eddie’ did it. So they set about breaking his spirit, to get to the truth. No-one knows whether he did it or not, they just know that the kid ain’t talking.

A Fresh Start

From a riotous meeting to a world of trouble. Jeremy meets someone who knows something from his dark past, and there is no way to get away from him. Will the truth get out? Listen on to find out.