The seventh of out acclaimed audio drama series’.


Becky Wright
Christopher Hatherall ​
Deirdra Whelan
Glennon Anderson​
Henry Douthwaite ​
Stuart Sessions
Aine Sumer O’Flynn


Samantha Mitschke (Lion’s Pride)
Bruce Shakespeare (The Beast Within)
Theo Clarke (Campfire Story)
Kester Blaize (Driven to Hell)
Nathan Hughes (Parthenogenesis)
Kevin Cooke (Under Pressure)


Kevin Cooke& Ali Anderson-Dyer


Ernest Storga
Jonathan Crisp
Mark Winter
Corin Giles
Andrew Thomson & David Armstrong

Technician: Milan Adamik
Ass. Producer: Ali Anderson-Dyer
Produced by: Philip Anderson-Dyer
Directed by: Øystein U. Brager

Sound Clips

Lion’s Pride

Stuck in a house with madness in every direction. The world has been gripped by a new mutant strain of illness which has become an epidemic. Tearing flesh and howling frenzies greet you in this atmospheric drama that is guaranteed to grip you by the scruff of the neck.

The Beast Within

DJ Rick Panzar is a hotshot and with his prime-time radio show he thinks he’s the biggest cheese in town. Not any more Rick! With a shake up of the slots at the station, the loss of his morning show and a new girl on the scene, Rick’s position is looking shakey and there’s no way he’s going to let anyone else steal his lime light. A story with bite – don’t miss out or you’ll never get down to the bones of the matter!

Campfire Story

Series Seven of radio plays will scare you witless with a series based on the Horror genre. Ghouls and ghosts, wails and moans, beasts and bad people, this series has it all. Listen with shock as characters are torn limb from limb, protagonists drown in evil spirits and werewolves walk the earth…


Driven to Hell

High flying corporate executive, Max, seduces Kathryn, his P.A, following a celebratory drink after work. But an accident, Juliet Harper injured, soon turns to bloody murder. But the past has a habit of coming back to haunt the guilty, will Max and Katherine manage to get away with it, or will it catch up with them?



A married couple, Ross and Nina are viewing a new home. It is conveniently situated and affordable, but Ross is keen to find out if there is a catch, why such a nice dwelling would come so cheap. This story will lead you in and then hit you with a startling discovery.

Under Pressure

Scared of Doctors? Afraid to try alternative medicines? This play may not help! Russell is forced into having to drastically sort out his life and be healthy. Should he follow his friends advice and try something different? In this very different approach to the horror genre we follow his journey. You will be taken on a dark trip through this story. Just make sure you don’t have nightmares.