The award-winning Bunbury Banter Theatre Company creates imaginative, immersive and engaging theatre of all kinds, specialising in high quality theatrical projects driven by a strong use of audio. Bunbanter’s artistic projects often involve working with new writing but the company also experiments with other forms of theatrical performance and storytelling, outside the realms of the traditional theatre space.

Current Productions

The company’s creative work has been enjoyed all over the world from Nova Scotia to Newquay, California to Cambridge, Greater London to the dark skies of the Galloway forest; and their radio plays air worldwide and have received much industry acclaim, including winning the Best Short Drama in the British Public Radio Awards 2013 and previous nominations for both a Channel4 Talent Award and in the Radio Academy Awards 2012.

Past theatrical projects include commissions from The City of London and Keats House, The Dark Outside plus an amphibious underwater play for WetSounds.

Past Productions

A Play, A Poet & A Pastry

A series of high-quality semi-staging of a new studio play with professional actors and presented alongside poetry written in response to the script and also performed during the event.


Working with a group of young people from Dumfries, using storytelling and physical theatre, together, we created this emotional, stylistic and razor-sharp story.

Freedom’s Cut

We devised this ‘Beckett’ styled piece of verbatim theatre for the National Theatre of Scotland’s festival. The finished piece was performance live, and screened online.

The Dark Outside

The site-specific transmission was composed of uniquely composed work, forgotten recordings and alternate versions of existing work, none of which have been heard in public before.

Handmaidens of Death

A group of female munitions workers facing tensions over the shortage of men are confronted with the ultimate outcome of their work. Heroes? Victims? Or witless handmaidens?


Knowing them only by their faces, the characters discuss the bond between them in their past, present and future while struggling to understand the desire which draws them together.


Two young morgue workers, Godsell and Daniel, working the ‘graveyard’ shift at a mortuary in West London, must take charge of the body of a famous actress.

Campfire Evenings

The tenth of our acclaimed audio drama series’.

Battle & Loss

The ninth of our acclaimed audio drama series’.

Spies & Deceit

The eighth of our acclaimed audio drama series’.


Touring swimming pools, presenting listening sessions to a floating and diving audience in the water.

 Horror & Terror

The seventh of our acclaimed audio drama series’.

War & Conflict

The sixth of our acclaimed audio drama series’.

Dystopic Worlds

The fifth of our acclaimed audio drama series’.

Film Noir

The fourth of our acclaimed audio drama series’.

Twisted Fairytales

The third of out acclaimed audio drama series’.

Sci-Fi Fiction

The second of our acclaimed audio drama series’.

Fantasy & Folklore

The first of our acclaimed audio drama series’.