The second of our acclaimed audio drama series’.


Jayne Dickinson
Daniel Rodrigues​
Glennon Anderson
Kevin Cooke
Deirdra Whelan
John Palmer​


Jack Williams (Happiness)
Angela Lord (Karma before the Storm)
Lee Ravitz (Sallow Child)
Samantha Mitschke (The Visitors)
Tony C Pearson & Terry Kitching (Conception)


Samuel Beavis
Chris Barlow
Phil Egan
Milan Adamik

Technician: Milan Adamik
Ass. Producer: Ali Anderson-Dyer
Produced by: Philip Anderson-Dyer
Directed by: Samuel Beavis & Darren Mulryan

Sound Clips


The infection sweeps through London’s streets, the wealthy are holed up in west London and security is everywhere. Does love and happiness have a place in this dark, dirty world of the future?

Karma before the Storm

​Meet aliens, discover oobies and listen while our heroine Beverly tries to gain some understanding of what has happened to her. Who is the voice that guides her, is she still on earth and have we really discovered the answer to global warming? All these questions and more, will be answered by this play, which is truly out of this world!

Sallow Child

A tale of a life twisted with the supernatural, a story of love, loss and never-ending desire. Lee Ravitz’s first Bunbury Banter play is beautifully poetic and complex taking you back in time to a world where a simple maid meets the Birch King, a night she will never forget.

The Visitors

In our world, the General Ordnance Division transmits specific personalities to unborn children floating safely in their mothers’ wombs via a vast mass of radio waves. In the dawn of the technological age it is discovered that wi-fi hotspots and such like, interrupt these transmissions which result in body hopping of these full-charactered unborn foetuses.


In this play we find ourselves transported to an American TV studio in 2133! Enter a world where genetically modified babies can be won, ratings are imperative and a game show can really change your life! Conception is a quick, witty, tongue in cheek play which will make you think, giggle and cheer!