The eighth of our acclaimed audio drama series’.


Patric Deony
Nathalie Pownall ​
Charlotte Kingsford
Glennon Anderson
David John Watton
Jonathan Hansler​


Gareth Brown (The Big Smoke)
Sally Torode (Sweet Sherry)
Bruce Shakespeare (The Man in the Picture)
James Barry (Charlie Styx)
Cath Bore (The Library)
Samantha Mischke (Woman on the Edge)

Kevin Cooke & Ali Anderson-Dyer


​Andrew Thomson
Joe Rodwell
Lanz Z

Technician: Corin Giles
​Ass. Producer: Ali Anderson-Dyer​
​Produced by: Philip Anderson-Dyer​
​Directed by: Sophie Lifschutz

Sound Clips

The Big Smoke

In this brilliantly non-pc play, we follow PI Dixon as he enters a series of deceptions…Will he get his new deodorant, will Femme fall for his charms, or will he stumble and finally hunt down one of the flapjack eaters. Follow this very off the wall story and find out more.


Sweet Sherry

Brooklyn in the late 40’s, a run down and down right dirty part of town. Cars squeal past and police sirens quickly follow them in hot pursuit. Will Eddie get his just deserts, or will he escape to live the high life. Listen on to hear the action unfold.


The Man in the Picture

Ernie “Butch” Butcher has left his beloved England behind to scratch out a meagre existence as Panama City’s “Greatest Detective”. Can he stay one step ahead of the game through this tangled web of deceit and discover the truth? Or will he be swimming with the sharks by the final curtain?


Charlie Styx

Charlie sits in his office with a glass of Whiskey and a cigarette. His next case will lead him round in circles, but will he ever find out what is going on. Stuck in a perfect film noir world Styx must decide who his friends are fast.


The Library

Sophia goes to take back an overdue book to the Library, when she gets locked in and see’s things she shouldn’t do. Will the private detective work out what is going on? Follow this story and avoid any red herrings.


Woman on the Edge

Diana is a private dick; her latest client is far from trustworthy. She must decide whether she helps him or warns the guy she’s supposed to find. Through dark streets, and rainy night she searches, but what will she do when she finds him? Find out what happens in this dark tale…