The third of out acclaimed audio drama series’.


Miranda Hennessy
Christopher Hatherall ​
Glennon Anderson
Emma Parish
Ike Ononye
Stuart Sessions​


Victoria Parsons (Girl Tales)
Jonathan Bridle (The Gentlemans Agreement)
Gareth Brown (The Puddle)
Bruce Shakespeare  (Hell Hath no Fury)
Michele Powles (Twelve Dancing prinesses)
Michele Powles (The Everything of Nothing)

Editors ​

Chris Barlow
Phil Egan
Mark Canciani
Milan Adamik
Tom Sutton-Roberts​

Technician: Milan Adamik​​
​Ass. Producer: Ali Anderson-Dyer​
​Produced by: Philip Anderson-Dyer​
​Directed by: Adam Barnard​

Sound Clips

Girl Tales

Daz doesn’t get on with her mum and so when she suggests recording a story for her radio listeners, Daz is less than pleased! A punk at heart Daz wants nothing to do with fairy stories but her mum has other ideas. Listen to this charming tale of a mother and daughters differences, will they get the story recorded and will they ever understand each other, listen and find out!

The Gentlemans Agreement

A childhood agreement made many years ago, comes back to haunt Mark. Follow as he finds himself trapped in his car trying to make atonement for his deeds. Will he find his secret and make atonement or will he loose his all that he holds dear, his wife and even his life!?

The Puddle

A truly strange tale told by our narrator, a puddle obsessed busker. Follow the story of Chris Harris who finds solace in a nearby puddle. Gareth Brown’s play is possibly one of the most bizarre plays we have ever produced, with singing, guitar playing and cross dressing; this is a play not to be missed!

Hell Hath No Fury

As a struggling young street artist in 19th Century London, Art Gruntwhistle would need more than his innate skills to capture the real soul of his subject on canvas. In this dark comedy of betrayal and love Art is thrust into a world without hope and becomes destined to serve his new mistress…for eternity!!

Twelve Dancing Princesses

A fairy tale with a twist! The king can’t control his daughters who disappear nightly, a hero who doesn’t quite know it yet and some music, of a different kind! Michele Powles’ takes the old and mixes it with the new all is a place called FairyLand.

The Everything of Nothing

Miriam is an eight year-old with somewhat imperfect eyesight and an amazing imagination! Follow as she unearths a whole new world where nothing is everything, parsley sauce is a valuable commodity and worlds go pop! A magical tale where characters are larger than planets and Miriam discovers her own big bang theory!