The sixth of our acclaimed audio drama series’.


Andrew MacBean
Glennon Anderson ​
Graham Bowe
Harriet Carmichael
Irene Bradshaw
Simon Tcherniak​


Samantha Mitchke (Letters)
Bruce Shakespeare (A letter to Flanders)
Lindsay MacLeod (Haunted)
Tamsin Astbury (Through the Dark)
Simon Temple (Bless ’em all)
Kevin Cooke (White Feathers)


Kevin Cooke & Ali Anderson-Dyer


​Alan Thomson
Jonathan Crisp​
Mark Canciani​
Emre Yazgin​
Adam Rigg​
Mark Winter

Technician: Milan Adamik
​Ass. Producer: Ali Anderson-Dyer​
​Produced by: Philip Anderson-Dyer​
Associate Director: Tamsin Astbury
​Directed by: Terry Iland

Sound Clips


A play in a backdrop of a modern day war. Gemma is telling us the story of losing her husband. Follow this emotional story, and see how this effects her and Callum their son.

A letter to Flanders

A bitter sweet love story set against the turmoil of the Great War. It is April 1916 and Toby Hartwell, a 19 year old British Corporal in the Artillery Regiment is on leave from France and plans to visit Amy Bishop, a 17 year old Munitions factory worker living at home in London with her parents and 2 younger brothers. This is a full on story of love, loss, new beginnings and endings.


It is late 1917 and Lilia’s is in her drawing room when there is a knock at the door. It is James; her husband whom she believed was killed in action some six months previously. However after dozing off in the drawing room Lilias is wakened by May, her housekeeper, and is horrified when she is told her husband’s return was all just a dream. Was it a dream? You decide.

Through the Dark

Bombs explode and air raid sirens howl in this complicated story of love and betrayal in war. Will Alice ever know the truth of how Edmund died? Can she really trust John? Listen on to discover the truth.

Bless ’em all

London in the summer of 1944. Eddie has come back from fighting the Germans. We sit with his family, and discover that his father fought the Boers, but his mum thinks he’s a coward. This interesting twist on the war genre will have you hooked!

White Feathers

Mary and Ruth live in London during the first world war, they are among a group who point out cowards who are not off fighting in France. Frank, Ruth’s brother comes back from the trenches on leave. Will his stay be relaxing….I doubt it….listen on to hear more…