In addition to their creative work, The Bunbury Banter Theatre Company also teach the next generation about theatre, audio and the arts by delivering specialist workshops, private drama and singing lessons and ongoing classes across London, the South East and more recently, in South West Scotland.

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Thornhill, Dumfriesshire

Bunbanter’s Scottish Young Theatre Group offer participants a safe, creative environment.

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UK wide

We provide one-to-one drama tuition sessions to students, both in-school and at home.

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UK wide

We believe that working on elements such as confidence, communication & team working.

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Dumfries, Dumfriesshire

Alter your normal Wednesday evening’s entertainment and come along and have fun.

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Why Drama?

What’s so good about the arts anyway? Why should I join, or send my child, to your drama groups? What do participants learn and what’s the point? How is drama even relevant to me or my child? Does someone need to have had experience to be able to join and is it like drama in schools? Is drama and the arts really for everyone?

Our classes are created using Bunbanter’s many years’ experience in both making professional work and nearly a decade of designing, teaching and facilitating arts based subjects to people of all ages.

Our learning ethos is focused on the holistic approach, meaning that each class is unique and created around the individuals involved. All our classes are delivered by trained theatre professionals and use methods rooted in a balance between technique, knowledge and above all, fun.

The Cultural Learning Alliance: The Arts empower children and improve life chances

Arts education is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. It’s really the air many of these kids breathe. It’s how we get kids excited about getting up and going to school in the morning. It’s how we get them to take ownership of their future.

– Michelle Obama, Honorary Chair, President’s Committee on the Arts & the Humanities, 2009–2016 –

Cultural Learning Alliance, Key Research Findings: the value of cultural learning, 2017

  1. Participation in structured arts activities can increase cognitive abilities by 17%.
  2. Learning through arts and culture can improve attainment in Maths and English.
  3. Learning through arts and culture develops skills and behaviour that lead children
    to do better in school.
  4. Students from low-income families who take part in arts activities at school are
    three times more likely to get a degree.
  5. Employability of students who study arts subjects is higher and they are more
    likely to stay in employment.
  6. Students from low-income families who engage in the arts at school are twice as
    likely to volunteer.
  7. Students from low-income families who engage in the arts at school are 20% more
    likely to vote as young adults.
  8. Young offenders who take part in arts activities are 18% less likely to re-offend.
  9. Children who take part in arts activities in the home during their early years are
    ahead in reading and Maths at age nine.
  10. People who take part in the arts are 38% more likely to report good health.

Read the Key Research Findings in full at:
Cultural Learning Alliance

Our Teachers

As a working theatre company, Bunbanter prides itself on using professionals from all over the arts industry as our workshop leaders and teachers alike! These professionals use their passion and past experience to pass on their expert knowledge improving the technique, abilities and focus of all our students.

Using members of the theatre profession enables us to continuously be on the pulse of what is happening in the theatre scene, including current productions and trends. ​All those who teach with us at Bunbanter follow our holistic approach to education and as experienced and highly original teachers, they all balance the ability to both inspire and discipline all their students.

All our staff are subject to a thorough reference and background checks.

Reviews, comments and feedback

Feedback, reviews and comments are crucial to our ongoing work. We design our classes, workshops and all other learning output around our knowledge and experience, which is continually being shaped the feedback we receive – both positive and negative.
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Past Creative Learning Work

Since we started Bunbury Banter in 2006 we have developed, setup and ran many successful educational elements of the company.
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